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Holiday Guide 2022


SUPERNATURAL — Sprinkles are magic. But a lot of baking ingredients contain artificial colors, preservatives and other usual suspects. Supernatural products are are made with vibrant colors (thanks veggies and spices!) and bring in the holiday FUN!

WILD ROUTED — For nature-loving kids, give fun T-shirts made with sustainable algae inkĀ® and 100% natural cotton, or cool hand-drawn stickers for their travel journal – 10% of profits back to the National Parks & Forests. Use discount code HOLIDAYPOLLINATOR10

SHORE BUDDIES — Adorable sea-themed stuffed animals made from recycled plastic bottles. Shore Buddies gives $1 from every purchase to educating youth on the dangers of plastics for marine life.


PEAK STATE — Real organic ground coffee in a tea bag (and compostable packet)! Perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking for quality and convenience. It is delightfully smooth and impressively functional. Peak State is also certified Fair Trade, Organic, and gives 1% for the planet.

SELK BAGS — A sleeping bag you can wear — and it’s made with 100% recycled material (including the insulation and zippers!) Selk is a member of the Climate Action Corps and 1% for the Planet.

ECOLUNCHBOX — ECOlunchbox food containers are circular designed, durable, and reusable. Take perfectly-portioned, fresh meals anywhere and reduce your impact on the planet! ECOlunchbox is also B Corp Certified.


GOODLIGHT — Get them some clean-burning, paraffin-free candles to dine by, celebrate with, and relax alongside this holiday season. GoodLight is the mission-driven candle for you. Use code EVOLVE

DTOCS — Ditch the traditional single-use tableware and go with one of these compostable (microwave-safe) plates made from naturally fallen palm leaves! A women-owned brand that empowers women in India through Fair Trade practices. Use code Dtocs10

WARE — Create a more sustainable kitchen with these use-what-you-have, spend-less-money recipes and tips. Or stock up on other responsibly made, reusable living essentials.


BISON STAR NATURALS — Escape to the forest with unique scents like sage pine and cedar. These lotions are vegan and made with natural essential oils by an indigenous family-owned business.

ERA SUPERFOODS — Made with functional, vegan ingredients, and free of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Now you can give the gift of rest! Use code HOLIDAY25

MOON VALLEY ORGANICS — Cleansing, moisturizing, and healing. This organic skincare also helps protect bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds and comes in beautiful packaging that keeps mother earth in mind.

LOLA ARNAO — Try the shave bar starer kit for ultra-sensitive skin – includes a fragrance-free shave bar (equivalent of 2 cans of conventional shaving cream), bamboo shave brush and bamboo bar rest. Use code MEETLOLA


ROCK HILL COFFEE — Coffee that affects change on a global level. Proceeds from the Holiday Blend go towards feeding families, helping those experiencing homelessness, and supporting children in Uganda.

ALTER ECO CHOCOLATE — Chocolate is one of the greatest gifts, but not all chocolate is created equal. Alter Eco is committed to crafting chocolate that regenerates ecosystems, empowers farmers, and reverses climate change. Enjoy this indulgent flavor even more knowing that it’s made by a B Corp that utilizes fair trade and regenerative farming practices. Use code EVOLVE20

WILD ORCHARD — Share in the ancient practice that naturally heals and brings people together – drinking tea! By drinking Wild Orchard you’re also saving the planet, too. Wild Orchard teas are from the world’s first Regenerative Organic Certifiedā„¢ tea farm, and sequester carbon with every cup.