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Brand Pollinators

About Us

We’re building a vast, inter-connected network of socially and environmentally responsible brands
that work together to accelerate positive change. 



We believe that collaboration is the key to innovation, as well as a driving force in creating goodwill and amplifying impact.

Sustainable Solutions (not quick fixes)

Change is inevitable — to achieve great things we need to embrace adaptability, diversity, and connectivity as core components of our development.


Impact can not happen unless we focus on the desired result and deliberately work towards solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Uniquely Human

In a world of algorithms and balance sheets, we must not forget the power of compassion, integrity, humor, and curiosity to drive human-centered solutions.


Kate Fosson

Kate is a 2X founder, speaker, author, and connection-maker. She has worked alongside entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, providing expertise in branding, marketing, operations, and personal development. Kate has also served in various leadership roles with non-profits and local government. She is a certified business mentor and has an MBA from American University.