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5 Micro Changes that Initiate a Macro Effect on Company Culture

5 Micro Changes that Initiate a Macro Effect on Company Culture

Every day, I work with founders and startups and know what it looks like when ideas take root. It’s exhilarating, contagious even. Helping founders dream their dream and then helping them build the blueprint to make that dream a reality is what gets me out of bed, every day. Working on both the strategic and tactical levels means I have to shift gears quickly and efficiently. Shifting from a macro to a micro view so often helps with linking direct connections between the two, bringing a unique perspective.

I’ve noticed, that what happens on the micro-level if done consistently, initiates a ripple effect enacting the greatest change. These small actions affect the organization and the overall success of the company. This applies to all areas of the business, but I’d like to specifically dive into culture as it is the greatest indicator of long-term success.

I’ve always appreciated the adage that culture eats strategy for breakfast, famously said by Peter Drucker, the renowned management consultant. I’ve seen firsthand what poor culture does to a company and how it magnifies the negative qualities within us all. Good company culture has a resounding opposite effect and can propel people, teams, and ideas into the future.  

In the companies that we work with at Brand Pollinators, we actively implement practices that establish a strong culture from the onset. We’re firm believers that changes at the micro-level can ripple out to a macro scale.

Here is a list of 5 small things you can do this week that can have a rippling effect on your culture and your company:


Always assume the best in intent your colleagues. The rise in remote communication makes this even more crucial as directness, humor, sarcasm, and brevity translate so differently between mediums. 


Random acts of [work] kindness. Check out these 52 ideas to show kindness at work! Extend this beyond the office and to your remote employees and collaborators. 


Purpurate a culture of positivity and confidence by limiting the use of minimizing words. Words like ‘sorry’, ‘but’, and ‘just’ detract from the actual message. Fast Company wrote a great article that shows us how to stop saying sorry all the time and to change our language for the better.


Fresh air and endorphins fuel creativity; meetings in stagnating windowless rooms don’t seem to have the same effect. Take your next meeting outside the office and into the nearest park or walk around the block. If in-person meetings aren’t a viable option, start a remote dog walking meeting! This is a regular occurrence at Brand Pollinators. 


Tomorrow, give yourself the gift of time. Internally set your clock to get to work 10 minutes early. This gives you the flexibility to get a fresh cup of coffee or tea and settle your mind before the day begins. You’ll be more present when your colleagues arrive and set the tone for your entire day.

Making a few changes to your daily habits can yield positive, long term effects on the overall company culture. These micro-actions don’t often get the praise or recognition that grand gestures do, however, with consistency they generate an impact on the macro scale. 

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