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Get integrated support where you need it most.

Community Network…

By joining our ecosystem of like-minded founders and conscientious leaders you’ll get access to resources and connections to propel move your brand in the right direction.


  • A weekly email packed with tools, examples, and insights
  • A monthly community call + Q&A with expert guest
  • Unlimited connections with like-minded founders and purpose-driven providers via our network of vetted contacts
  • Periodic drop-in consulting days with Kate and Channing


Advising & Consulting…

Gain clarity and get one-on-one support.

We offer options, so we can meet you where you are. Contact us to identify the services that meet your goals at a price that meets your budget.

Strategic Support

  • Persona Development
  • Communication Strategy
  • Brand Positioning and Identity
  • Channel Identification
  • Roadmaps for Short Term and Long Term Growth
  • New Product Launches


  • Social Media Management
  • Project and Campaign Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Marketing

Start with a (free) exploratory call so we can identify fit for your brand.

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